Assuming you know a bit of Python(and if you don’t take a crash course at Codecademy or Learn Python the Hard Way) the next few posts will be about how to work on Open-CV with Python.
You also need to know a bit of numpy for this so if you are not familiar with this visit :Numpy Tutorials
The following steps are for Windows.

So first of all lets set up your machine:
Download the following and install:

4.)DownloadOpenCV-2.4.x and extract.

After installing the above go to opencv/build/python/2.7
Copy cv2.pyd to C:/Python27/lib/site-packages

To test the installations:
1.) Open IDLE and type import numpy. If this returns no error then numpy has been installed correctly.
2.) Now type import cv2 and print cv2.__version__

If the results are printed without any errors the installation has been successful


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