Setting up a Headless Raspberry Pi:Part 3

Now that you have found the IP address of the raspberry pi we can proceed further. We can log into the pi using ssh,the secure shell.
ssh [options] username@remote computer

By default the raspberry Pi has a username “pi” and the password “raspberry”(without quotes).
The complete command looks like:
ssh pi@

As this is the first time the pi has been connected to, ssh will tell you that, “The authenticity of host [host name] can’t be established”. You don’t need to worry about this.Just proceed by typing yes.

First of all this is a text interface so mouse cannot be used. You move between the different items with the arrow keys and select them by hitting enter. If you need to select a check box on one of the later screens, you hit space, and when you’re done, you move between the list of actions and the buttons at the bottom by pressing the “tab” key.

Have FUN!!

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