Setting up a Headless Raspberry Pi:Part 1

So you have bought a raspberry pi but missed to buy a screen for it and are clueless right now as to what are you going to do. This post is for you.
I am working on Ubuntu ,however the steps will be very much similar for any other operating system. I assume you do have an internet connection and a spare network socket(either in your system or you have a router).
Stuff required:
1.) A raspberry pi(Model B)
2.) Power adapter for raspberry pi
3.) An SD card(min 4GB)
4.) An ethernet cable(to connect the pi to internet)

Alright then, first you need to set up the operating system for the raspberry pi.
For general usage Raspbian is the most comfortable OS. Of the different distributions, there are a few different images you can get, which have different default setups, but don’t worry about them for now. Just go get the default Raspbian Image from Raspbian

Now, there are some nice easy graphical programs for writing images to disk. If you want to take this route, install usb-creator-gtk and write the raspbian image onto the SD card.
Now you can stick the SD card in the pi and power it up.
However to use it you need to connect it to a network.

If you need to setup a shared connection to your pi, click on the networking icon in the top right hand of your screen and select “Edit Connections” . In the dialog box that pops up, making sure you are on the “Wired” tab, click “Add”. Give the connection a name, click on the “IPv4 Settings” tab and select “Shared to other computers” (all the other fields can be left as they are, though if you aren’t going to be leaving the pi connected to the computer in this manner permanently, you might want to uncheck “Connect Automatically”). Then click ok.

Now click the networking icon again in the top right hand corner, and select the connection you just created (you might first have to disconnect a wired connection if one is set to connect automatically). This will set up a small network consisting of your computer and the pi that is connected to your main internet connection.

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